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Class Checklists


This is the most vital year, make sure to go month by month and see what needs to be done that applies most to what you are going to do after high school!


Your exams like the SAT and ACT will be vital in the Spring Time.  Even if you are unsure of what the future looks like.  Keep looking into Dual Credit, maybe take the ASVAB or Accuplacer.  Keep excelling in the classroom because GPA is very important as you become a senior.  Continue to stay involved with your activity, sport or club at the school!

sophomores & freshmen

Start diving a little deeper into career options, what are you good at? What are you interested in! Take the 16 personalities quiz! Take a career aptitude exam.  Stay involved!  Look into Dual Credit Options! This is when you can start taking those classes.  Advanced Placement (AP) Classes start as a Sophomore!  As a freshman, try new things and find something you are interested in on campus! It can be anything, a subject, a class, a sport an activity!  Get involved in school spirit! Look for volunteer opportunities so you can start to add things to your experience!

Letters of Recommendation

Take your brag sheet to a staff member, teacher, counselor and have them write you a letter of recommendation, allow two weeks for them to write you a letter.