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college programs for high school students


Thinking about being a doctor and serving New Mexico after? UNM BA/MD Program selects 28 students across New Mexico for a Bachelor's Degree with a seat saved on UNM's School of Medicine after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree!!


college faq's

  • Does the college I want to go to have what I want to study or have the program of study so I can achieve my career goals?

  • What institutional scholarships do I qualify for? How can I navigate estimated costs? (SCHOLARSHIPS!)

  • What is the FAFSA Priority Date for My College or University?

  • Do I qualify for in-state tuition? Out-of-State Tuition? or a WUE Reciprocal School?

  • Do I see myself here for 2 (Associates) 4 (Bachelors) 7,8 (Masters, Doctorate (PhD) maybe studying for 10 years (Medical Phd)

  • When should I start looking at a college that is right for me? Sophomore, Junior Year? Senior?

  • Is student housing and a meal plan a requirement? (Most for First-Year, this varies!)

  • If I do CNM for 1 to 2 years will I be able to transfer my credits to UNM?

  • Are there cheaper options for getting textbooks? (Rent from Chegg or Amazon!!)


These are both one application websites you can use to fill out for many colleges that are associated with this application.