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If you have a planned absence please obtain homework directly from your teachers.

Homework requests are only permitted if your student is going to be absent for more than three days.

To request homework, please contact the attendance office.

Please allow two business days for homework to be compiled.

Set up an account with ParentVUE at

Here you can check your students:

  • Attendance
  • Homework grades
  • Test grades
  • Quiz grades
  • Teacher comments
  • Teacher contact information

Schedule changes are only allowed during the first ten days of each semester for the following reasons:

  • Student is repeating a course already successfully completed
  • Student wishes to advance to an Honors, AP or bilingual  class
  • Student is enrolled in the wrong course level
  • Student has not taken the prerequisite for the course
  • Fulfillment of graduation requirement

Schedule changes are not allowed for the following reasons:

  • Elective change
  • Teacher change
  • Student is currently failing the course

If you would like information on the progress of your student in each class please set up a ParentVUE account.

For further information please contact your student's teachers by email.  Teachers' email addresses are located on ParentVUE and also on

If you require further information and wish to meet with the teachers face-to-face, please contact your student's counselor to set up a parent/teacher conference.

The Career Enrichment Center (CEC) offers APS-approved classes to students enrolled in other APS traditional and charter schools.  Students take their core classes at their home high school and may take elective classes at CEC. CEC is not a diploma-granting institution; however courses completed are posted directly on the student transcript.

If you have any questions regarding CEC please visit their website at