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College Letters

"How To" Fill Out Your College Applications!

Watch Mr. Hartom's "How To" On Filling Out Your College Applications

College FAQ's

  1. Does the college I want to go to have what I want to study or have the program of study so I can achieve my career goals?
  2. What institutional scholarships do I qualify for? How can I navigate estimated costs? (SCHOLARSHIPS!)
  3. What is the FAFSA Priority Date for My College or University?
  4. Do I qualify for in-state tuition? Out-of-State Tuition? or a WUE Reciprocal School?
  5. Do I see myself here for 2 (Associates) 4 (Bachelors) 7,8 (Masters, Doctorate (PhD) maybe studying for 10 years (Medical Phd)When should I start looking at a college that is right for me? Sophomore, Junior Year? Senior?
  6. Is student housing and a meal plan a requirement? (Most for First-Year, this varies!)
  7. If I do CNM for 1 to 2 years will I be able to transfer my credits to UNM?
  8. Are there cheaper options for getting textbooks? (Rent from Chegg or Amazon!!)

UNM BA/MD Program Information

Thinking about being a doctor and serving New Mexico after? UNM BA/MD Program selects 28 students across New Mexico for a Bachelor's Degree with a seat saved on UNM's School of Medicine after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree!

Application Links & More

These are both one application websites you can use to fill out for many colleges that are associated with this application.

Common App

Coalition App