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Financial Aid & Scholarships

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  • The FAFSA is a FREE application that is done during your Senior Year when you are doing your scholarship and college applications. This qualifies a student for federal pell grant money. Most universities and scholarships require that you do the FAFSA. You will need to create an FSA ID for one student and one parent before you complete your FAFSA Application.
  • Other Needs:
  • FSA ID (One Student, One Parent: for Login)
  • Social Security # (If you don't have one utilize El Centro De La Raza as Resource)
  • Valid ID#
  • IRS 1040 Taxes from 2021 for 2023-2024 FAFSA Application
Income tax info

Link To Complete Your FSA ID (One Student, One Parent)

FAFSA Application ( This Official Site)

NMEAF FAFSA Preparation (Resources)

El Centro De La Raza

New Mexico Institutional Scholarships

Most Universities offer a scholarship just for applying to their school based off your GPA & Test Scores.  Because of the nature of this past year, most New Mexico Universities are test optional.  I would still encourage you to take the ACT or SAT nonetheless!

Begin by creating an account with "Going Merry". Click on the button below. Then explore additional scholarship opportunities with the Scholarship Lists.

Going Merry

Scholarship General List


Always keep checking this running list it is continuously updating, make sure to check the conditions of the scholarships as well as any requirement. Apply for one scholarship per day!


types of Fedeal Student Aid

WMHS Scholarship Presentation Spring 2022 (PDF)