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Welcome to the West Mesa Registration Hub!

This is the place for students currently in 8th grade and those about to enter 9th grade who want to sign up for classes for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.

Start by checking your grades and what you need to graduate. Explore the list of classes available and see all the elective courses you can take. Once you've figured out what you're interested in, use the Google form below for course selection to make your picks.

If you're not sure about a class, don't hesitate to chat with your teacher or counselor for some advice. They're here to help!

Enrollment RequirementsYou must live in our attendance area to enroll in classes. 

If you live outside of our attendance area but wish to enroll at West Mesa, you will need to complete a transfer through the Student Service Center. You may learn more information at the APS Transfer Page or by calling (505) 855-9040.

Underclassmen (9th, 10th, and 11th graders) are required to enroll in seven classes per semester.  Seniors (12th graders) must enroll in a minimum of four classes per semester and are encouraged to enroll in seven.