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COVID Information

COVID Vaccine Information

To register for the COVID vaccine here in New Mexico, please go to the NM Department of Healthy COVID-19 Vaccine website. On that webpage it will say which phase we are currently in and what groups in that phase can receive the vaccine. There is information available in English and Spanish. On that webpage, you will be able to register for the vaccine. If you have questions about receiving the vaccine or need assistance with the registration process, please call: 1-855-600-3453.

Here is some information directly from the CDC about the current COVID vaccines available. There are three vaccines authorized and approved for use against COVID-19. One vaccine is Pfizer, which has a success rate of 95% of a person being immune against COVID-19. This vaccine requires two shots, 21 days apart, and is recommended for persons age 16 and older. The other vaccine is Moderna which has a success rate of 94.1% of a person being  immune against COVID-19.  This vaccine requires two shots, 28 days apart, and is approved for persons age 18 and older.  The third vaccine is from Johnson & Johnson and is 66% effective against moderate and severe COVID-19 infections. This vaccine only requires a single dose.

Karen M. Ortiz RN BSN CCRN ERN

School Nurse – West Mesa High School

Information current 2/16/2021