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Job Mentor Program

Job Mentor Program - An APS Elective


The Job Mentor Program is a class offered in high school whereby students earn .5 credit hours of elective credit per semester in the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) district. Credit is earned through course instruction and work experience.

Course Instruction

JMP instructors will teach courses such as: Building a Resume; Career Portfolio; Financial Literacy; Preparing for SAT and ACT; Earning college credit in high school; and much more.

Work Experience

JMP students gain work experience through both the Job Shadow and Summer Internship Programs. During the Fall and Spring semesters, JMP students have the opportunity to shadow a mentor for 30 hours from whom they gain valuable knowledge and work experience. The Job Mentor Program pays these students $5.00/hour as a training stipend.

Career Awareness is also gained through Summer Internships that are offered once the school year is over. Here, students have the opportunity to work for minimum wage during a 7-week program. This program implements job opportunities in City, County, or State Government; APS; and Non-Profit Organizations.