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Class of 2021 Reminders

Have you:

  • Signed up for the Senior Remind for information? (Go to the Activities Office)
  • Scheduled your Senior Portraits? (required if you want to be in the yearbook) 

        Go to Kenneth Brown                    Photography

  • Taken the ACT?
  • Ordered your Cap & Gown from Campus Specialties? 

Senior Information




Most up to date info regarding graduation as of 5/5/2021

Seniors and parents,
Below is the most up to date information regarding graduation.  
APS formally announced we will have in-person graduation for the class of 2021.  Graduation for West Mesa High School will be May 15th, 2021 at 10:30 am.  It will be held in Community Stadium.   WMHS SENIOR INFORMATION SHEET CLASS OF 2021If you have any questions about any information on this sheet, please feel free to contact Mr. Cordova in the activities office at  All seniors must have a cap and gown to participate in graduation. Orders for cap and gown will be taken by Campus Specialties located at 1529 Eubank NE Suite B.  They also offer numerous senior/graduation packages and items including nice graduation announcements, class rings, letterman jackets, the yearbook and more senior swage.  You may contact them at 505-275-9357.   Cap and Gown will be distributed the week of graduation on May 12th from 3-5pm. 



 May 5th & 6th Senior Final Exams
 May 7th Final Makeups
May 10th Grades Posted


Graduation Week:

May 12th- Cap and Gown Distribution/ Senior Parade -

3pm to 5pm. Graduates, please decorate your vehicle for the senior parade as you come pickup your cap and gown.  All graduates will sign out 4 spectator passes for graduation.  These non not replaceable under any circumstance so please do not loose them.  Enter the parent drop off lane off of Fortuna and line up in your vehicle.  No graduate will exit the vehicle.  Graduates will check in and drive through the following stations.

1. Check In Station

2 .Next Step Plan check

3. Fines and Fees Check

4. Awards Station

5. Cap and Gown Station

6. Spectator Ticket Distribution (each grad will get 4. DO NOT LOSE THEM)

** in order to receive the cap and gown and tickets, you must be a declared graduate who has completed all graduation requirements

 May 13 - Senior Honors Night Ceremony- 6pm- Virtual Presentation.  A link will be made available on the Website at 6pm.

May 14th-  Senior Robing with Walk and Chalk.  Park in the Student Parking lot no earlier than 2:45pm for the first group.  Seniors may bring a MAX of 2 people with them to the school in the afternoon. Parents may robe the senior as tradition in the courtyard.  Dress for seniors and the 2 spectators is semi formal.  Seniors should bring their cap and gown, as well as their sashes, cords and other official senior school awards.  In small groups within the ampitheater, we will have the two spectators robe your senior.  Seniors may then choose a spot on the courtyard to sign their name/quote/drawing.  Please Bring chalk! This is not mandatory but a great experience for parents and graduates.  Please show up and check in at the courtyard clock within your time frame which will be organized in by alphabetical order by graduate last name.  Please report at the beginning of your window time so we can keep a good flow:

3:3:30     A-E

3:30-4     F-J

4-4:30     K-O

4:30-5     P-T

5-5:30     U-Z

.May 15 - GRADUATION! @ Community Stadium

  • Seniors report to Community Stadium . Be in line right at 8:45am WEARING your Cap and Gown 
  • Doors open for family & friends at 10:00 am. Please do not line up any earlier than 5 minutes before 10 so we can ensure all graduates have entered and been seated. 
    • All spectators must have a pass. This includes even small children and even infants. There is no exception to this spectator pass requirement for every human entering graduation.
  • Ceremony starts at 10:30 am

 Graduates may bring their cell phone and a single car key to the ceremony as long as they keep it discreetly in a pocket of their clothing under the cap and gown.  Cell phone usage by graduates is prohibited once they step onto the graduation floor.  Cell phones are only allowed to help graduates locate their family members at the completion of the commencement ceremony.  Be respectful of your peers, spectators and yourself.  Keep your phone hidden away until you exit graduation.  Be sure to leave all of personal belongings with your family or stowed safely in your vehicle.  Items such as, but not limited to: keys other than your vehicle key, purses, bags, cameras and other personal belongings are prohibited.  Any student with these items will be prohibited from entering the commencement ceremony until they secure these items.  There are no areas to check in or stow these items at the graduation ceremony. Chewing gum and sunglasses are not allowed at graduation. If you decide not to participate in the graduation ceremony, please discuss this with your family and make sure they are aware of your choice. Also notify Mr. Cordova in the activities office.  Any senior not participating in the ceremony may pick up their diploma from the registrar at West Mesa the week after graduation.  Any lost and found items may be picked up the following week during school hours. 

GRADUATION APPAREL:  Show up to graduation wearing your cap and gown.  Everyone must wear a cap and gown that has been purchased through West Mesa’s contracted vendor which is Campus Specialties. You may not alter your cap or gown in any way.  If you do, you will need to purchase another one to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Please write your name on the inside of your cap prior to graduation.   All Caps must be worn parallel to floor and no caps on back of head.  Tassel should be set on left side.  If you are not sure of the attire, please ask in the activities office.   YOU MAY NOT DECORATE YOUR CAP OR GOWN WHATSOEVER.  Graduates are authorized to wear the approved "regalia" given out by the school.  These items are the official school awards like club sashes or cords, top 10 awards, academic pins and medals.  No personal items or awards outside of what has been awarded by the school should be worn.          

DRESS:  All graduates will wear dress clothes under their cap and gown.  This means either a dress shirt, dress pants, and comfortable but clean shoes, or classy dress (dress should be the same length as the gown or shorter) or  pantsuit; NO STILLETO STYLE HIGH HEELS MAY BE WORN TO THIS YEARS GRADUATION. WEDGES ARE OK BUT YOU ARE STILL ADVISED TO WEAR FLATS.  The Heel of the shoe must measure at least 2"x2".  This is about safety. It will be nearly impossible to walk onto the astro turf (rubber floor) in Stilleto style high heels and the distance graduates will be walking is close to a mile total from start to finish.                            

 Be on time for all events or you will be removed from the graduation ceremony.  All events will depend on the current health order.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Any disciplinary action taken during second semester, and especially during senior closed week, may result in forfeiting the privilege of participation in any of the graduation ceremonies. This includes any suspension beginning second semester which may be deemed as serious enough to forfeit graduation privileges. Drinking/drugs will be strictly prohibited. If we feel a student is not in the appropriate condition to be involved in any part of the end of the year activities, he/she will not participate in the graduation ceremonies. At the graduation itself, students found with any items such as balloons, horns, silly string, etc. or anything deemed inappropriate will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.